Things To Do Now

  1. Our office will send you a copy of your contract letter shortly. In the meantime, please send your contact person the items below at your earliest convenience. These items are required by the Medical Staff Office and HR to create your user profiles. You will receive log-in instructions directly from them in order to complete the online applications. Credentialing and privileging take about 3-4 months to process, so please plan accordingly to meet all deadlines to ensure a timely start date. If you are coming in from outside of CA, please submit your medical license application immediately, if you have not done so yet. This process can take up to 6 months.
    1. Your name as it appears on your social security card
    2. Your social security number
    3. Date of birth
    4. City of birth
    5. Electronic signature - You may fax or email this signed form to the Medical Staff Services, with a copy to your Division Manager.
    6. Best email or phone number to contact you for follow-up questions
  2. Please complete and return the below:
    1. Discussion Checklist
    2. Parking Application (if needed)
    3. Confidentiality Form
  3. CV in UCSF format (view the template and guidelines) and be sure to include your CA Medical License number if you have one

Credentialing and Academic Paperwork

As noted in #1 above, you will receive log-in instructions directly from the Medical Staff Affairs and HR in order to complete the online applications for your credentialing and academic appointment. Once you have the log-in instructions, you may access the following links: