Things To Do Soon

Upon receipt of your EIN or provider ID, log into the UC Learning Center to complete the following training requirements.

  1. Online APeX Training Module - APeX is electronic medical record at UCSF.
    1. Click on the APeX tab Inpatient/ED/PUC from the homepage → Click Provider/NP & PA/Fellow/Resident/Medical Student → Inpatient Only
    2. You will be asked if you are a Fellow:
    3. If yes, follow the plan for Fellow → Click Inpatient Fellows & Residents
    4. If no, follow the plan for Providers → Click Inpatient Provider
    5. Classroom training is only required if you do not pass the online modules: Register for an instructor-led course, which requires in-person attendance. Online courses must be completed prior to classroom training.
  2. Other training modules in the Campus tab to be completed:

          *HIPAA 101 - Privacy and Security for New UCSF Faculty, Staff, Trainees, Students, and Volunteers
          *Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

    1. Patient Safety & Quality of Care: Central Venous Catheter Insertion Practice (if you've requested this privilege)
    2. Physician and Allied Health: AIDET SMiLe
    3. Safety Training, Infection Control, and Restraints
    4. UC Cyber Security Awareness
    5. 2014 Privacy and Security Briefing
    6. For New Employees - please also complete:
  3. MyAccess - UCSF's single-sign on service that enables you to access a variety of applications via a common user ID and password. Once you sign in to MyAccess, you will be able to browse and link to a broad list of UCSF applications, including Advance which is an online tool for academic appointments and advancements. Request MyAccess.
  4. Physician Time Study: California Department of Health Services - All UCSF Physicians are required to complete time studies in order for the clinical departments to receive Medi-Cal SPA reimbursement under the State Plan Amendment 05-023 & Medi-Cal Hospital/Uninsured Care Demonstration (No. 11-W-00193-9) project. As part of national Medicaid reform, these funds help bridge the gap between the reimbursement paid by the state for Medi-Cal patients and the actual cost of providing care to this population. In order to participate in this program, all UCSF physicians who report time are required to complete a brief training course before completing the time study form. Search for "time study" when you log into the UC Learning Center. For your reference, read the FAQs.
  5. ID badge - Please send your contact person your preferred name for your badge. Your contact person will let you know when you can request an appointment with WeID online at or by phone at 476-2088. WeID is located at 500 Parnassus Avenue, P-7, Room MU-18.