Central Administration

 Central Administration

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Vice Chair & Chief of Service's Office

Name Email address Phone Location Box
Neil R. Powe, MD, MPH, MBA
Vice Chair of Medicine
Chief of Medical Services
[email protected] 628-206-3465 NH, 5F38 0862

Sam Santiago
Interim Executive Analyst
Office Coordinator

[email protected] 415-476-7991 NH, 5F40 0862
Beth Harleman, MD
Vice Chief
[email protected] 628-206-6787 Bldg. 5, 5H07 0862
Laurae Pearson
Director of Administration and Finance
[email protected] 628-206-8247 NH, 5H21 0862
Christine Khuu
Associate Director of Finance and Administration

[email protected]
628-206-8667 NH, 5H19 0862
Melody Davenport-McLaughlin
Clinical Operations Manager
[email protected] 206-4942 5H22 0862