Central Administration

 Central Administration

Parnassus Office

Chair's Office

Name Email address Phone Location
Robert Wachter
[email protected] 415-476-0909 M994D
Sam Santiago
Interim Executive Assistant to the Chair
Clinical Project Manager
[email protected]


Michelle Mourad
Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs and Value
[email protected] 415-476-2264 M994A
Maria Novelero
Associate Chair for Administration
[email protected] 415-476-1011 M984B
Ed Chen
Senior Programmer
[email protected]   M983
Zachary Concepcion
Administrative Coordinator
[email protected] 415-502-3162  
Lawrence Khuu
Applications Programmer
[email protected] 415-514-7669 M1082
Teresa London
Web Manager
[email protected]    
Calvin Moree
Senior Data Scientist
[email protected] 415-502-4208 M997
Ilona Paredes
Academic Coordinator
[email protected] 415-514-0806 M984
Jim Schlies
Systems Architect
[email protected]  415-502-3722  
Alyssa Tecklenburg
Space Planning, Facilities & Strategic Initiatives Project Manager
Alyssa.Tecklenbur[email protected] 415-502-2909 M983
Aaron Tabacco
Staff Experience Specialist
[email protected] 415-502-2919 M983
Lisa Tran
Director of Communications
[email protected] 415-514-9297 M994B
Sarina Tsoi
Project and Product Manager
[email protected] 415-502-2400 M984


Residency Program

Name Email address Phone Location
Rebecca Berman
Program Director
[email protected]  415-476-5389 M1408
Virginia Schuler
Residency Manager
[email protected] 415-476-1529 M987
Wendy Brown
Residency Coordinator
[email protected]sf.edu 415-502-2762 M1479
Nancy Li
Program Manager
[email protected] 415-514-2000 M983
My-Ha Nguyen
Evaluation Analyst
[email protected] 415-502-1522 M979
Vivian Robinson
Residency Analyst
[email protected] 415-476-3373 M979

Student Programs

Name Email address Phone Location
Cindy Lai, MD
Clerkship Director
[email protected] 415-353-7900 M987
Emerald Wong
Program Representative
[email protected] 415-476-1964 M987
Amy Zhen
Clerkship Coordinator
[email protected] 415-502-1277 M987

Chief Residents (All Sites)

Name Email address Phone Location
Anjali Thakkar, MD
UCSF Medical Center
A[email protected] 415-476-2378 M1483
Timothy Dyster, MD
UCSF Medical Center
T[email protected] 415-476-2484 M1483
Theo Slomoff, MD
UCSF Medical Center
T[email protected] 415-514-0796 1701 Divisadero, Rm 558
Lurit Bepo, MD
[email protected] 628-206-8322 5H16
Thuy Trang (TJ) Nguyen, MD
[email protected] 628-206-8322 5H16
Saundra Nguyen, MD
[email protected] 628-206-4397 1M13
Colette Dejong, MD
VA Medical Center
[email protected] 415-750-2084 4150 Clement St.,
Bldg 203, 1A-75
Yaanik Desai, MD
VA Medical Center
[email protected] 415-750-2084 4150 Clement St.,
Bldg 203, 1A-75
Shirin Hemmat, MD
VA Medical Center
[email protected] 415-221-4810
x 26328

4150 Clement St.,
Bldg 203, 1A-75