Central Administration

 Central Administration

Parnassus Office

Chair's Office

Name Email address
Robert Wachter
[email protected]
Sam Santiago
Executive Assistant to the Chair
Clinical Project Manager
[email protected]
Michelle Mourad
Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs and Value
[email protected]
Maria Novelero
Associate Chair for Administration
[email protected]
Ed Chen
Senior Programmer
[email protected]
Cynthia Chor
Project and Product Manager
[email protected]
Matt Hreha
Web Manager
[email protected]
Lawrence Khuu
Applications Programmer
[email protected]
Calvin Moree
Senior Data Scientist
[email protected]
Ilona Paredes
Academic Coordinator
[email protected]
Lee Anne Rosenstein
Director of Communications
[email protected]
Jim Schlies
Systems Architect
[email protected] 
Alyssa Tecklenburg
Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives
[email protected]
Aaron Tabacco
Director of Staff Experience
[email protected]

ZSFG Office

Vice Chair & Chief of Service's Office

Name Email address Phone Location Box
Neil R. Powe, MD, MPH, MBA
Vice Chair of Medicine
Chief of Medical Services
[email protected] 628-206-3465 NH, 5F38 0862

Brooks Bigart
Executive Analyst
Office Coordinator

[email protected] 628-206-3465 NH, 5F40 0862
Lisa Winston, MD
Vice Chief
Clinical Affairs
[email protected] 206-8703 NH, 5H9 0862
Laurae Pearson
Director of Administration & Finance
[email protected] 628-206-8247 NH, 5H21 0862
Christine Khuu
Associate Director of Finance and Administration

[email protected]
628-206-8667 NH, 5H19 0862
Melody Davenport-McLaughlin
Clinical Operations Manager
[email protected] 206-4942 5H22 0862


VAMC Office

Vice Chair & Chief of Service's Office

SFVA Main Number 415-221-4810

Name Email Phone
Kenneth McQuaid, MD
Vice Chair of Medicine 
Chief of Medical Service
[email protected]  x 22610
Renee Sanchez
Assistant to the Vice Chair
[email protected] x 22533
Nelson Sierra, MS
VA Business Manager, Medical Service
[email protected] x 24553
Maxine Davis
Director of Administration UCSF/SFVA
[email protected] 831-205-3150
Andrew Harris
VA Medical Support Assistant Supervisor
[email protected] x 23186
Sharon Clayton
VA Program Specialist for Education
[email protected] x 22612
Sean Sotelo
UCSF Lead Research Administrator
[email protected] 415-294-0153 (Google voice); 
Please email to schedule a phone call
Lisa McNichol
UCSF Research Administrator
[email protected] 415-489-0187
Gabriel Ibarra
UCSF HR & Education Officer
[email protected] 415-340-0344
Lisa Moore
UCSF Business Operations Analyst
[email protected] 828-446-9856
Brenda Perez Martinez
UCSF Lead Research Administrator
[email protected] 510-621-7151
Michael Mann
UCSF Research Finance Analyst
[email protected]  


Residency Program

Name Email address Phone Location
Rebecca Berman
Program Director
[email protected]  415-476-6319 M1498
Virginia Schuler
Residency Manager
[email protected] 415-476-1529  
Wendy Brown
Outpatient Scheduler
[email protected] 415-502-2762  
Nancy Li
Program Manager
[email protected] 415-514-2000  
My-Ha Nguyen
Evaluation Analyst
[email protected] 415-502-1522  
Vivian Robinson
Residency Analyst
[email protected] 415-476-3373  

Julia Toy
Inpatient Scheduler

[email protected] 415-502-3323  

Evie Bamsey
Administrative Coordinator

[email protected] 415-514-0646  

Student Programs

Name Email address Phone Location
Cindy Lai, MD
Clerkship Director
[email protected] 415-353-7900 M987
Emerald Wong
Program Representative
[email protected] 415-476-1964 M987
Amy Zhen
Clerkship Coordinator
[email protected] 415-502-1277 M987

Chief Residents (All Sites)

Name Email address
Shirley Chan, MD
UCSF Medical Center
[email protected]
Catherine Crawford, MD
[email protected]
Anna Fretz, MD
UCSF Medical Center
[email protected]
Viridiana Garcia, MD
UCSF Medical Center
virid[email protected]
Jessie Holtzman, MD
[email protected]
Ngoc-Bao Le, MD
VA Medical Center
[email protected]
Veronica Manzo, MD
[email protected]
Diana Partida, MD
[email protected]
Amy Pugh, MD
[email protected]