Requirements for New Hires


  1. Do you know your Division Manager or the appropriate contact person in the division for any of the onboarding questions below that you may need help with? If not, click here: UCSF Health, ZSFG, and SFVA.
  2. Have you completed the necessary online training requirements below? Log into the Learning Center with your 9 digit EIN or 5 digit provider number.
    1. APeX training: click the APeX tab → click "Provider/NP & PA/Fellow/Resident/Medical Student" → "Inpatient Only." Classroom training is only required if you do not pass the assessment test after 3 attempts.
    2. Patient Safety & Quality of Care: Central Venous Catheter Insertion Practice (if you have requested this privilege)
    3. Physician and Allied Health: AIDET SMiLe
    4. Safety Training, infection Control, and Restraints
    5. UC Cyber Security Awareness
    6. 2014 Privacy and Security Briefing
    7. UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
    8. HIPAA 101 - Privacy and Security for New UCSF Faculty, Staff, Trainees, Students, and Volunteers
    9. Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
    10. Physician Time Study: California Department of Health Services
  3. Have you set up your MyAccess account? If not, you can request one here.
  4. Have you uploaded your CV into Advance and added your proxy? Read more about Advance here.
  5. Have you submitted your information on UCSF Profiles? If not, sign into Profiles.
  6. Do you have your ID card? If not, go to: WEID.
  7. Do you have your pager? If not, contact your Division Manager or contact person in your division to obtain one.
  8. Do you know how to access schedules of clinical services? Go to: Amion.
  9. Do you know how to page other attendings? Go to: CareWeb.
  10. Have you submitted your parking application, if needed? Here's the form. Read more about parking on Campus Life Services here.
  11. Do you have a white coat?
  12. Do you have a computer?
  13. Do you know your email address, work phone number, work address and box number? Update your information on UCSF directory here.
  14. Do you have the following orientation sessions on your calendar? Contact your Division Manager, if you are not aware of the specific dates:
    1. Division Orientation - Contact your Division Manager for information on divisional orientations, if any.
    2. Department of Medicine (DOM) Orientation - You will be asked to attend a departmental orientation with the DOM Chair and other members of the department.
    3. HR and Benefits Orientation - You will receive an email inviting you to attend a benefits orientation where you will fil out payroll forms and receive information on your benefits and instructions on how to enroll.
  15. Have you created an At Your Service Online account? On AYSO, you can:
    1. Update your tax withholdings (W4)
    2. Make your benefit selection (medical, dental, etc. as applicable for your appointment)
    3. Enroll in direct deposit
    4. Select beneficiaries
    5. Update your mailing address and other information as needed
  16. Do you know how to designate a delegate on MyExpense for reimbursements?
    1. Log onto MyAccess and click on the MyExpense application
    2. Go to "Profile" → "Profile Settings" → "Expense Delegates" → "Add Delegate"
    3. Enter the name or email of your delegate
    4. Enter the name or email of a second delegate, if desired
    5. Make sure the following boxes are checked: Can Prepare, Can Submit, and Can View Receipts
    6. Click Save
  17. Would you like to know more about UCSF Life (e.g., available child care, campus dining, fitness, sports leagues, and everything under the sun)? Go to: