The SPIRIT of DOM Award

SPIRIT of DOM AwardAs part of our commitment to recognizing our highly dedicated staff and NFAs and increasing the visibility of their work, we established the SPIRIT of DOM (Service, Professionalism, Inclusivity, Responsibility, Inspiration, and Teamwork in the Department of Medicine) Award in 2017. This award aims to acknowledge staff members and NFAs who exemplify the UCSF PRIDE Values and make the DOM and UCSF a better place to work. Since the award's establishment, 27 awards have been given for excellence and commitment to the department.

For the spring 2022 cycle, the award committee received 22 nominations across all DOM sites, representing a wide variety of roles. The following individuals, appearing in alphabetical order, were selected to receive the award:


Sun Young JeonSun Young Jeon joined the division of geriatrics at UCSF as a senior statistician in 2018. Working with principal investigators and fellows, she consults on appropriate statistical approaches, provides support for study design and proposal development, and conducts statistical analyses using nationally representative data sets and electronic health records. Sun was nominated by several of her colleagues in the Division of Geriatrics who shared much about her incredible dedication to furthering our research mission and the UCSF PRIDE Values here in the DOM. Her nominators pointed out several of her SPIRIT Award qualities: “Sun is one of those indispensable people that makes a big organization like UCSF run smoothly. She has been amazingly flexible, stepping into projects when unexpected issues arise that increase the work that needs to get done.” “Sun is in all ways spectacular. I have worked with her now for over a year and she is gracious, giving, professional and seeks to improve herself and others in her work. Bottom line, she makes UCSF better. Sun takes immense pride and responsibility in her work. She is thoughtful, amazingly smart, dependable and seeks to do science right. She has [several] ongoing projects with me and is committed to seeing them through and to their success. Her attitude is always positive, and her patience is immense (particularly with me!)” “As a senior statistician, Sun brings keen insight into new and cutting-edge methodologies to apply to our studies. Our data are complex – longitudinal, interval censoring, missing not at random, competing risks – and she has worked to develop a robust repertoire of statistical approaches to meet the challenges of these complex data. And she does so with a smile, a laugh, and a genuine interest in the well-being of others. She unfailingly asks others how they are doing at the start of each meeting. For some this is pro-forma, but not for Sun. She remembers what we talked about at the last meeting, and asks specific questions that show a genuine interest, care, and concern for others. Sun also brings a richness and insight into her job as an immigrant from Korea.  It may not be widely known, but she wrote a book about her experiences studying and working in the US that was a bit of a sensation in Korea. These experiences and insights add a richness to the diverse experiences and distance traveled by members of our Division.”  

Alexandra VelasquezAlexandra Velasquez joined UCSF-ZSFG in 2011 and has been part of the Division of Nephrology since 2012. She holds a BS in Psychology with a Biology emphasis and a minor in Social and Ethnic Relations from UC Davis, as well as a MS from UCSF in Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership and is a Certified Clinical Research Professional. Currently, she is a Senior Clinical Research Coordinator in kidney health and serves as a navigator for the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) where she supports researchers in increasing community engagement and integrating special populations. Alexandra was nominated by both peers and leaders from inside and outside of her Division. Delphine Tuot, MD, Chief of Nephrology at ZSFG, shared: “This past year, our research lab pivoted from focusing on our own trial to collaborating with other research groups. Alexandra has made this transition seamless…Her dedication, organization, and attention to detail has been appreciated by all team members. Also, she has done a tremendous job as part of the SFBUILD Clinical Research Coordinator: Learners for Equity (CIRCLE) program. Alexandra is incredibly enthusiastic, knowledgeable, a great teacher, detail oriented and highly reliable, and cares very much for her minority trainees and advocates for them. More recently, she became the UCSF lead for this project and is growing in her confidence in this leadership role, as she interacts with leaders of other departments. She is now a navigator in the CTSI Integrating Special Populations Core, tasked with increasing diversity of research participants at UCSF. In this role, she is staffing the training and workforce development working group and provides consultation on the best way to recruit diverse participants. Alexandra is an intelligent, self-motivated critical thinker, asking pertinent questions to understand all facets of a problem prior to developing potential solutions. To this end, she works exceptionally well with diverse project teams, as well as clinician and administrative leaders. Over the past few years, she has learned how to use new technology to develop and test an educational interactive voice response system, leveraged web-based resources to accurately collect data from research participants and perform quality assurance in internet-poor settings, acquired new skills in qualitative and quantitative research, and has effectively led a research team of assistant clinical research coordinators (ACRC).” As noted by peers, Alexandra also serves on the DOM Staff Experience Champions committee and was key in helping to create the DOM Connectors program, co-coordinated the ZSFG DOM Clothing Drive in 2020/2021, and is active in encouraging engagement with staff at ZSFG, within the Department, and among CRCs.”