The SPIRIT of DOM Award

SPIRIT of DOM AwardAs part of our commitment to recognizing our highly dedicated staff and NFAs and increasing the visibility of their work, we established the SPIRIT of DOM (Service, Professionalism, Inclusivity, Responsibility, Inspiration, and Teamwork in the Department of Medicine) Award in 2017. This award aims to acknowledge staff members and NFAs who exemplify the UCSF PRIDE Values and make the DOM and UCSF a better place to work. Since the award's establishment, 37 awards have been given for excellence and commitment to the department.

For the fall 2023 cycle, the award committee received nominations across all DOM sites, representing a wide variety of roles. The following individuals, appearing in alphabetical order, were selected to receive the award:



Barbara Green-AjufoBarbara Green-Ajufo is the research partnerships manager in the Division of Prevention Science. In this role, she is responsible for organizing the Community Advisory Board (CAB) for the division, which encompasses the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) and the Prevention Research Center (PRC).  Prior to joining UCSF, she held positions as an epidemiologist with the Pregnancy and Infant Health Branch and the Division of Global HIV/AIDS at the CDC and as the director of the HIV/AIDS Surveillance and Epidemiology Unit within the Alameda County Public Health Department. Her career’s mission has been to improve the health and well-being of low-income populations, particularly in areas where health disparities and inequalities are most pronounced. 

At UCSF, her core duty is to establish and sustain partnerships between academic researchers and local communities. Through her influence on recruitment, intervention strategies, and expertise in working with ethnic/racial minoritized communities, she successfully expanded the CAB’s membership and ensured substantial representation of communities of color. Additionally, she takes the lead in spearheading targeted outreach to over 140 HBCUs nationwide as part of the Ujima Mentoring Program. She also co-leads the division’s IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism) initiative.

Beyond her dedication and exceptional service to the division, Barbara’s nominators emphasize her consistent respect and thoughtfulness in all interactions with program directors, staff, scholars, consultants, and stakeholders. One nominator offered the following praise: “There are times when we have difficult discussions, disagreements, and some conflict. Barbara has led those difficult conversations with great respect and professionalism. She knows that what matters is not who is right or wrong, but that we continue working (or talking, communicating) together. She has a great respect for her colleagues, whether she agrees or not with them.”

Rebecca Hoh

Rebecca (Becky) Hoh is a clinical research manager in the Division of HIV, Infectious Disease, and Global Medicine at ZSFG. 

Becky initially joined UCSF in the 1990s as a dietitian in the Division of Endocrinology. After gaining experience working with patients and providers on the Ward 86 HIV clinic, she transitioned to a role as a clinical study coordinator. Her journey eventually led her to become the SCOPE (Study of the Consequences of the Protease Inhibitor Era) clinical project director.

In 2019, Becky assumed the role of vice chair for the Research Unit Design Group with the UCSF Research and Academic Building Governance Committee. In this capacity, she provided key insights into the design and functionality of the new CCRC (Community and Clinical Research Center) in Pride Hall. During the Covid-19 shut down, her team embarked on the LIINC (Long-term Impact of Infection with Novel Coronavirus) study, one of the earliest longitudinal cohorts dedicated to studying Covid-19.

Becky’s nominators commend her exceptional contributions to the UCSF community, emphasizing her service, professionalism, inclusivity, responsibility, and teamwork. As vice chair for CCRC governance, she demonstrated remarkable problem-solving ability and attentiveness to the needs of the CCRC user group. She identified critical aspects to consider when implementing protocols and procedures, and she communicated in a respectful, clear, and compelling manner. In March 2020, her team began the LIINC program which now supports numerous collaborations, has launched two investigator-initiated clinical trials, and has also secured over $20 million in NIH and foundation funding. One of her nominators wrote, “Becky is an exemplar of a collaborative, effective team leader who quite simply makes excellent research happen and elevates the experience of everyone who works with her, including study participants, trainees, staff and investigators.”

Michael MannMichael Mann is a research finance analyst with UCSF DOM VA, where he oversees the post-award finance matters for 24 principal investigators across four divisions: rheumatology, cardiology, infectious diseases, and pulmonary. Within his purview, he effectively manages a portfolio comprising $17.7 million in ongoing sponsored direct costs and $1.8 million in non-sponsored funding.

Michael’s UC career began at UCSD in late 2018 as a research administrator. He subsequently moved to UC Berkeley as a pre-award research administrator in the Biological, Environmental, Science & Technology service team. He joined the UCSF VA team in May of 2021.

His nominators underscore his high level of professionalism, as evidenced by his considerate and respectful communication style, patience, and receptiveness to the needs and concerns of others. This approach has not only fostered a harmonious working environment but has also enhanced the effectiveness of collaborative efforts. On a day-to-day basis, Michael meticulously manages funding entries for 50 faculty and staff members, showcasing his commitment to integrity through rigorous transaction review, audit, analysis, and precise account reconciliation. One faculty member lauded Michael, stating, “exceptionally reliable, thorough, thoughtful, communicative, organized, and has high attention to detail even in more routine, day-to-day aspects of his role. Michael brings an exemplary level of professionalism to his role, and it is a pleasure to work with him.”

For his part, Michael expresses his enjoyment in his work, as it allows him to play a crucial role in supporting groundbreaking research, thereby enabling the PIs to focus on their science.