Staff Annual Review

Dear DOM Staff and Supervisors:


Staff Annual ReviewIt is time for our annual staff performance evaluations (PEs), a vital way for us to show our commitment to the professional development of our remarkable staff.


PEs of all eligible employees (both career and contract) with appointments of 50% or more are due to the Human Resources (HR) Department no later than March 15, 2023. If a PE is not submitted on time, the employee’s rating defaults to “Meets Expectations.” Note that, while an employee’s annual merit is usually based on their PE rating, no University-wide decision has been made on merit and equity programs for staff in FY24


Five years ago, our department launched a homegrown online portal to facilitate the PE process; we will again utilize this tool for this year’s PEs. In the next few days, division managers will initiate the PE process on the portal. This will result in an email being sent to each staff member to complete an optional self-assessment, which will be due January 30, 2023. After that date, the process moves automatically to the next step, with supervisors submitting PEs for their staff. While the staff self-assessment is optional (it is not part of the PE form filed with HR), we highly encourage staff to complete it so that supervisors may have additional context for their PE. 


We appreciate that this has been another challenging year for everyone. If there is information that you wish to share with your supervisor regarding your experience this year – particularly the impact of the pandemic and other stressors on your work – please do so via the self-assessment.  


If you have any questions regarding the PE process and/or portal, please contact your division manager. Thank you for all you do and for your active participation in this important process!


Bob Wachter, Chair, DOM

Neil Powe, Vice-Chair, DOM-ZSFG

Ken McQuaid, Vice-Chair, DOM-VA

Maria Novelero, Associate Chair of Administration, DOM

Laurae Pearson, Director of Administration, DOM-ZSFG

Maxine Davis, Director of Administration, DOM-VA