These online portals were developed by the Department of Medicine to transform manual processes into web-based solutions. Leveraging technology and automation, while also paying close attention to user experience, DOM aims to create value and maximize efficiency. 


New Employee System & Tools (NEST)
Used by DOM hiring managers and divisions to centralize onboarding processes and communicate key resources for new DOM staff hires.  


Staff Performance Evaluation Portal (PE Portal)
Used by participating departments and School of Medicine for staff performance evaluation requires. Finalized evaluations are sent to the HR records team to file.


Department of Medicine Staff Equity Tool (DOM-SET)
Used by DOM and HR to provide information for making effective and equitable pay decisions for DOM staff. DOM-SET includes functionalities for salary setting, merit letter distribution, and advanced search.


STAR Program Portal
For participating departments (Spot Awards) and School of Medicine (Achievement Awards) to manage staff recognition awards. Submit nominations for the Staff Appreciation and Recognition Program (STAR Program), a cash recognition program designed to recognize and reward excellence in university service, significant achievements, contributions, and/or outstanding individual and team performance.


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