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The application period for 2024 has closed. Please check back in late February/early March of 2025 for the next application announcement.

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To advance knowledge regarding the pathophysiology of disease, the UCSF Department of Medicine is offering grants of up to $100,000 for a period of 12-24 months either to initiate the development of new UCSF patient cohortor to expand the use of existing UCSF cohorts into new areas. Examples of the latter might include new collection of specimens or the development of new programs for identifying patient subsets by the use of biomarkers. The goal is to develop cohorts that could be widely used by both clinical and bench investigators. The Department seeks to sponsor in particular cohorts for which both clinical data and biologic specimens will be obtained. We will fund one project in this round.

Within these parameters, the funds may be used to recruit study participants, to collect data, to establish mechanisms for periodic and standardized follow-up of study participants for important outcomes, to collect and store biological specimens and/or images, or otherwise to develop new directions for the study of clinical or population-based cohorts at UCSF. An EMR-established cohort that meets proposal criteria will be considered. The funds are not intended primarily to support analysis of data or analysis of biological specimens. However, part of the funding (not to exceed 50%) can be used to analyze biological specimens if the analyses generate a shareable dataset that helps to identify patient subsets for further investigation. The funds are not intended to support the costs of publication or presentation of research results.

Investigators are encouraged to establish or expand cohorts with data and/or specimen banking that will be able to provide access to new data for investigators within and outside of the direct field of interest. All applications should document the mechanisms by which cohort data and biological specimens will be made available to investigators from other disciplines, and this will be an important factor in scoring applications.

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Past Awardees


  • Beth Zha, MD, PhD, Division of Pulmonary, Critcal Care, Allergy & Sleep-UCSF Health
    DISCOVER-BeNTM: Discovery and Innovation to improve therapy for Bronchiectasis and Pulmonary NTM Disease


  • Monica Yang, MD, Division of Rheumatology-UCSF Health
    Molecular profiling across organ systems in Systemic Sclerosis: A longitudinal cohort study


  • Melisa Wong, MD, Division of Hematology/Oncology-UCSF Health
    Enhancing the "Lung cancer in older adults: Treatment toxicity through the patient’s lens" cohort study


  • Joyce So, MD, Division of General Internal Medicine-UCSF Health
    The ABCDEFG (Adult Brain Cohort --Dissecting Efficacy and Economics of First-line Genome-wide sequencing) Cohort: Exploring whole-genome sequencing as a diagnostic test in adults with complex brain disorders


  • Michel Tana, MD, Gastroenterology-ZSFG
    Expanding Prospective Observational Study to Understand Liver Diseases (POSULD) to Investigate Disparities in Autoimmune Hepatitis


  • Michael Kattah, MD, Gastroenterology-UCSF Health
    Clinical cohort and corresponding cell atlas for patients with intestinal inflammation
  • Joshua Vasquez, MD, Experimental Medicine-ZSFG
    Inflammation, Aging, Microbes & Obstructive Lung Disease Enhanced Research (I AM OLDER) Cohort


  • Ross Okimoto, MD, Hematology/Oncology-UCSF Health
    Systematic clinical and molecular annotation of fusion-positive sarcomas
  • Brett Ley, MD, Pulmonary-UCSF Health
    CURE CHP: Cohort of the Under-Researched and Enigmatic Chronic Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis


  • Edward Hsaio, MD, Endocrinology-UCSF Health
    Longitudinal Expansion of the biospecimens and skeletal tissues for rare and orphan disease genetics (BSTROnG) Metabolic Bone Disease Cohort
  • Carolyn Hendrickson, MD, MPH, Pulmonary-ZSFG
    Precision Medicine for Organ Dysfunction following Major Trauma


  • Jennifer Lai, MD, Gastroenterology-UCSF Health
    Functional assessment in Liver transplantation
  • Hyman Scott, MD, HIV/AIDS-ZSFG
    Development of a San Francisco HIV prevention and treatment cohort to reduce new HIV infections and improve patient outcomes


  • Laura Koth, MD, Pulmonary-UCSF Health
    Linking Mechanisms to phenotype in a longitudinal sarcoidosis cohort
  • James Harrison, PhD, Hospital Medicine-UCSF Health
    Acute to recovery Care for hospitalized elders study (ARCHES)


  • Suneil Koliwad, MD, PhD, Endocrinology-UCSF Health
    Development of multi-ethnic, multimodal obesity cohort at UCSF
  • Meyeon Park, MD, MAS, Nephrology-UCSF Health
    The comprehensive pediatric and adult kidney transplant (COMPAKT) study


  • Sharon Chung, MD, Rheumatology-UCSF Health
    The vasculitis investigative cohort for translational research (VICTORe)
  • Beth Cohen, MD, MA, DGIM-VA
    Understanding the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder in physical health