DOM-UCSF Health Clinical Manager Manual

1. People to contact during your first 30 days

A list of people that new division managers should meet and connect with.

2. DOM Division Manager contact list

Contact list with each DM’s areas of expertise/interest.

3. Relevant organizational charts and contact information

Organizational chart for DOM, UCSF units, Medical Center departments, services, and contacts.

4. UCSF maps and shuttles

An introduction to the various UCSF campuses and the UCSF shuttle system.

5. IT resources and device encryption

How to reach IT Services for technical support or device encryption.

6. An introduction to Human Resources at UCSF

A brief introduction to HR topics including timekeeping, pre-tax transit program, and benefits & compensation.

7. Purchasing at UCSF: an introduction to BearBuy

An introduction to BearBuy and the various available forms available for purchasing.

8. Reimbursements at UCSF

A brief introduction on reimbursements are processed at UCSF.

9. Common billing questions and resources

A list of common billing questions and who you should ask to find the answers.

10. Immerse yourself: shadow your physicians

Opportunity for DMs to better understand clinical management and processes.

11. DOM business office orientation

Overview of the funds flows. Setting up Medical Center support agreements and fiscal year-end “true-up” process.

12. DOMBO orientation

  • DOMBO PRISM User Guide
  • Orientation: The DOM clinical activity reporting tool. Includes list of reports and definition of report data as well as a cheat sheet of important concepts and abbreviations.

13. Description of MGMA and AAMC benchmarks

A brief introduction to wRVUs, MGMA benchmarks, and AAMC Faculty Salary Survey Reports.

14. Fiscal year budget process and PSA wRVU target setting

Required for clinical divisions for the fiscal year budget preparation.

15. List of reports sent from DOM & other web resources

List of reports sent from Revenue Management and the Medical Center.

16. Medical Center Administrative Director (AD) / Practice Manager (PM) vs. Campus Division/Department Manager (DM) Operational Roles

A matrix of responsibilities delineating Medical Center AD / PM vs. Campus DM operational roles

17. DOM Division Manager Best Practices for Managing Inpatient & Consults Services

There are some specialties in Medicine that have inpatient and consults services at UCSF Health and do not have an assigned Administrative Director at UCSF Health to assist the faculty physicians with administrative responsibilities of this patient care service area.  This document attempts to capture best practices and key partners at UCSF Health for the DM to work with when they do not have an Administrative Director assigned to their inpatient & consult service. 

18. MSA credentialing

The Department of Medical Staff Affairs (MSA) at UCSF Medical Center & Benioff Children’s Hospital (SF Campus) develops, manages, performs, and directly supports governance, credentialing/privileging, and payer enrollment activities related to nearly 3,000 Medical Staff and Advanced Health Practitioner (AHP) members, and hundreds of other providers who rely on the program’s electronic and paperless credentialing system - UC Me. What are the steps to credentialing a new faculty hire?

19. ACC ambulatory activity

For outpatient care, inpatient activity, apex coach & PEAK.

20. Physician Dashboard

The Physician Dashboard is a dashboard launched in June 2017 and available through DOMBO. The aim of this project is to present the data in an easy to understand format and provide it to each clinician on a monthly basis.

21. Recommendations for other clinical IT tools for new DMs

The Health System routinely develops and refines a set of clinical dashboards, some of which may be applicable to your division.

22. Training & development, societies, conferences, medicine and divisional specialties

What are the opportunities for development and networking for clinical managers?

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