PRIDE Values


In 2016, UCSF adopted the PRIDE Values from UCSF Health to form a union of shared values between the two systems. When we say “PRIDE Values,” it means that staff and faculty in the Department of Medicine strive exemplify the highest level of conduct and service to our stakeholders. Through our interactions, we have the power to determine whether or not our stakeholders experience our commitment to delivering quality work.

All staff and faculty in the Department of Medicine are expected to know what these values are, understand them on a personal level, and strive to embody them in every facet of their work. It’s a big responsibility and an exciting opportunity to make a positive difference every day. Click below for more information about each value.

PRIDE Values Exemplar Behaviors

UCSF Principles of Community & Code of Ethics

Values are the backbone to a culture and make up what every UCSF employee should embody. Values are a key guideline for recruiting as well as engaging employees and they set the stage for what we want to reflect on behalf of the organization. Principles of Community and Code of Conduct complement these organizational values. They describe how we should treat each other and are critically important to the organizational culture.

Training Resources

UCSF and the Department of Medicine, along with other partners, have developed a variety of resources to help you familiarize you with the PRIDE Values. Click below to download these resources and learn more!